EVERYBODY has four class categories to meet our clients diverse needs. We provide a wide array of programing including $5 community classes, bootcamps & workshops. Be sure to visit our BOOTCAMPS/WORKSHOPS page as well.



December member challenge!/¡Reto para el mes de Deciembre para nuestros miembros!

This holiday season, there is an urgent need to support the migrant asylum seekers at our California border. Many refugees are forced to leave their countries due to persecution and violence based on their LGBTQ identities. Join us as we workout together in December to raise money for Diversidad Sin Fronteras, a grassroots organization working directly with these LGBTQ asylum seekers. We are hosting a 30 day challenge beginning Dec 1 and asking members to attend at least 15 classes in December to qualify. Unlimited memberships and folks with class passes are eligible.

En esta temporada navideña, existe una necesidad urgente de apoyar a los migrantes que solicitan asilo en nuestra frontera de California. Muchos refugiados son forzados huir sus países por violencia basada en sus identidades LGBTQ. Juntase con nosotros mientras unidos, hacemos ejercicio en el mes de Diciembre para recaudar fondos para Diversidad Sin Fronteras, una organización formada por la gente que trabaja directamente con estos solicitantes de asilo LGBTQ. 
Estamos organizando un reto de 30 días a partir del 1 de Diciembre y pedimos a nuestros miembros a asistir a por lo menos 15 clases este mes para calificar. Las membresías ilimitadas y las personas con pases de clase son elegibles.

  • If at least 50 members attend 15 classes in December, we will donate $1000 to Diversidad Sin Fronteras./Si por lo menos 50 de nuestros miembros asisten a 15 clases en Diciembre, donaremos $1000 a Diversidad Sin Fronteras.

  • If 75 members meet the challenge, we will donate $1500. Si 75 de nuestros miembros cumplen con el reto, donaremos $1500./Si 75 de nuestros miembros cumplen con el reto, donaremos $1500.

  • If over 75 members meet the challenge we will match the donation member by member./Si más de 75 miembros cumplen con el reto, igualaremos  la donación miembro por miembro.

This is a great opportunity to make a difference not only for yourself but for our extended community. Please see the front desk to sign up and follow our progress on Social Media!/Esta es una gran oportunidad para hacer una diferencia no solo para usted sino para nuestra comunidad extendida. Por favor, vaya al area de recepción para registrarse y siga nuestro progreso en las redes sociales!



Get your heart rate up and inspired with dance, aerobic, zumba, spin, boxing and other group fitness cardio modalities. Our fun cardiovascular MOVE classes are aimed finding freedom and release in your own movement.


Build strength and muscle conditioning without injury through resistance training with free weights or body weight, core strengthening techniques, circuit strength training and boot-camp style conditioning exercises. BUILD classes are designed to help you tap into your own strength and inhabit your body with power and confidence.


Awaken and align with elements of yoga, pilates, meditative movement, breath work, flow movement and stretching. RISE classes are geared towards helping you to fully inhabit your body with greater awareness and respect.


Restore and align your body and heal from body trauma, suffering and injury through breath-work, meditation, visualization, healing through sound and energy work, balance, rejuvenation and relaxation. HEAL classes are designed to help restore a sense of peace, balance and calm in your own body. 


This Week's Schedule

Please note there is a $10 LATE CANCEL FEE if you are a no show to a class you signed up for or do not cancel 120 minutes before class starts. Remember to arrive early enough to park & sign in.