As members of the EVERYBODY community, we each have a responsibility to help create & maintain a culture of inclusivity. Anyone who uses our space, from a day pass to an unlimited membership enters into a social contract that defines what radical inclusivity means to us.



Below are additional resources to support our mission of radical inclusivity. If you would like to suggests material please email:

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Brave Space vs Safe Space

We specifically don't say EVERYBODY is a "safe space" because safe space is not possible to ensure. While we make it explicit that we don't tolerate oppression or discrimination here, we don't pretend that the walls of this building keep out anyone's prejudice, ignorance, pain or privilege. In fact, we acknowledge that the project of creating radically a inclusive space here at EVERYBODY can, will and does inevitably invite a unique clash of cultures, beliefs, identities, ideas and lived experiences.

This is all part of the unique challenge of true radical inclusivity, which requires a lot of courage from all of us to create and maintain.

Here are five ways we try and encourage what we call "BRAVE SPACE"

1. Come open, willing and ready to learn.

2. Acknowledge the privileges you carry.

3. Actively listen.

4. Use inclusive language.

5. Try to have direct conversations whenever possible.

Gender Inclusive Language

You might notice our staff stating their preferred pronouns (she/her/hers, he/him/his, they/them/theirs) while in conversation. We also encourage our staff to use gender neutral terminology in class. We do not make assumptions around gender identity and instead try to model inclusive language for the benefit of everyone.

Here are some links to read more:

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EVERYBODY is continually striving to be accessible at every level. We are currently developing adaptive programming to meet the varied needs of our membership. This includes asking if our clients have access needs, providing choices and modifications in the classroom and using thoughtful, service driven language.

See our Accessibility Page

Here are some links to read more.

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When Medicine Doesn't Speak the Right Language for My Body

Doctors with Disabilities: Why They're Important 

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Body Positivity

As part of our mission of creating a radically inclusive environment, EVERYBODY identifies as a “Body Positive” health and wellness space. What do we mean by “Body Positive?” When people walk through our front doors, we make only one assumption about them and it has NOTHING to do with weight-loss.

We assume our members are here TO FEEL BETTER IN THEIR BODY, no matter what size they are, how old they are, whether or not they are able-bodied or how physically “fit” they may appear or feel.

Lose Hate, Not Weight -Vergie Tovar

Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong