Whether you were literally marching, or virtually adding your voice to the chorus of those chanting "RESIST," 2017 has been a year spent in the streets.


We’ve sent countless emails and resistbot texts. We’ve put the White House on speed dial. We've marched for the rights of immigrants, women, and the LGBTQ community; against pipelines, police brutality, white supremacy, and travel bans. Our collective step count is incredible.

But protest fatigue is real, because long-term activism relies on a unique confluence of physical, mental, and emotional resilience. It’s a holistic discipline we can all work to cultivate, if we take the time to take care of ourselves. The most important thing to remember: resistance is a marathon. 

Here are EVERYBODY’s basic self-care principles for when the going gets tough—plus a free, one-minute guided meditation for tired activists.

The Root of "Activism" is "Active"

Activism is hard work, and it requires that you maintain your energy reserves for when they matter most. Regular exercise and activity is crucial to creating a well of energy that recharges you for the many marches ahead.

Community is Crucial

Surround yourself with people who share your values and ideals, and who will really show up for you when it counts. Set a goal to meet new people who you admire and who are committed to the causes that you care most about. A motivated friend can hold you accountable to your highest self.  

Rest Days are Important

Self care is the first step to taking care of the world. The mental and emotional toll of nonstop political action will eventually lead to burnout, so be sure to give your body and spirit some down time. Remember: it’s hard to take a stand if you’re too exhausted to stand up. Listen to your body and mind, and rest when you need it.

Be Patient With Yourself

Whether you’re looking to make physical or radical gains, it’s important to keep in mind that patience is part of progress. Don’t get hung up when you stumble or backtrack. A day’s downtime isn’t the end of the world— it might actually give you the energy to do something incredible.

Take time to recharge with this exclusive guided meditation, as narrated by EVERYBODY yoga instructor Alli Simon. Free for Everybody.

"We all have moments when we question our place in this world and if we do enough, it's what makes us human. Use this affirmative meditation wherever & whenever, to ground in your enough-ness, affirm your existence on this planet and liberate yourself. You ARE enough!"

- With Light, Alli Simon