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AWARE LA Saturday Dialogue


AWARE LA Eastside Saturday Dialogue - March 24th

Date: Saturday, MARCH 24TH (Not the usual 3rd Saturday!)

Time: 1PM TO 4PM

Free parking on site, street parking, or across the street at the park if lot is full.


Special Workshop Topic

"Articulating Our Personal Stake in Ending White Supremacy"

Leaders of White People 4 Black Lives will be facilitating this workshop, which will be deeply personal and strategic at the same time. Many of us have come to racial justice work because we were disgusted, ashamed, and angry when learning about the historical and modern systemic nature of racist oppression in this country and the impact on people of color. Where many of us struggle is understanding our own stake in the work - how challenging racism in ourselves and in others in our daily lives is an act toward mutual and collective liberation with people of color.


As stated in Showing Up for Racial Justice shared values and principles: 


The people at the top -- the 1% -- have most of the wealth. They use racism as a tool to keep us fighting amongst ourselves, instead of united and fighting against them for the things we need to live full lives. Racial justice isn't something we help people of color with. The system of white supremacy harms all of us -- including white people, though in very different ways than people of color. If we are going to stay in the work for the long haul, we need to get clear with ourselves about what we have to gain through this fight.


As always, this workshop will be rooted in honest and reflective dialogue, and will be followed by Personal Solidarity, a chance to meet in groups of three to process anything that's on your mind and heart related to racism and whiteness. 

Meets on our outside patio. This event is free to attend.

More info on AWARE LA here: