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a·bun·dance @ Everybody!


a·bun·dance @ Everybody!

Every Sunday 11am, starting Sunday Jan. 21! 11am-12pm.

Class description:

Move/Rise: a·bun·dance with Emma

A·bun·dance celebrates the radical practice of self-love, reclaiming our bodies and our space through movement. Set to a soundtrack of those embarrassing top 40s songs you’re ashamed to love, A·bun·dance combines intention setting, slumber-party dance moves and yoga into a practice in positivity.

Teacher Profile:


Emma Thorne-Christy is that girl you see dancing down the aisle at the drug store and knocking items off the shelves in the process. An artsy nerd who would rather perform dance routines in front of her cats than get down at a club. She created A·bun·dance to combine her enthusiasm for aerobic dance and love of yoga into a practice of self-care and community empowerment.

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