Personal Training


If you are interested in one on one coaching, browse our list of certified Personal Trainers below. Each have their own specialties and offer a range of pricing. To set up a consultation, contact the personal trainer directly. 


  • Functionality, flexibility, mobility, and injury prevention

  • Resistance and bodyweight training

  • Exploration of the mind-body connection

  • Creative Movement

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Jasmine is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, from which she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Education. She’s been a dance teacher and group fitness trainer for over five years and is passionate about helping people reach their healthy lifestyle goals. In addition to leading groups in Barre, Indoor Cycling, and HIIT Bootcamps, Jasmine is also a fitness lifestyle blogger. She uses her blog to inspire and empower people to overcome their fears and weakness in order to live in their purpose.




  • Strength training through barbell lifts and free weights

  • Increase energy with plyometrics

  • Lower back rehabilitation

  • Shoulder stabilization

  • Building a healthy relationship with nutrition

Justin is a National Strength and Conditioning Association certified personal trainer with a background in the US Army where he served as an active duty military intelligence analyst and led physical training for his squad. As a trans person, he understands the challenges to fitness the trans community experiences and he is committed to making training approachable and welcoming to all. Justin is keen on helping his clients feel stronger, take pride in their bodies, and learn how to move safely and effectively.



  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

  • Sports conditioning

  • 5k 10k training programs

  • Strength training using bodyweight and free weights

  • Increase bone density and muscle elasticity through plyometrics

  • Boost your mood and learn to love working out

HyperBody is a multimedia artist, athlete, and AFAA certified fitness instructor. Her sessions are hardcore but she brings the party with her high spirits, hyper fashion, and bangin’ playlist. Raised by a basketball coach and racquetball pro, she learned to love working out at an early age. When she moved to LA two years ago she created HyperBody by fusing art with fitness to create a world where fitness is absurd and colorful. Whether you want to win a 10k race, cross train for a sports event, or improve your overall health and well being, HyperBody will take you there! Sliding scale rates available.



  • Corrective exercise and functional movement
  • Postural awareness and improvement 
  • Sports conditioning 
  • Goal assessment and lifestyle modification
  • Trans* and Gender Non-Conforming conscious

Elliot is a NASM certified personal trainer, focusing on functional movement and corrective exercise. They have experience working with clients with a wide range of backgrounds, body types, and abilities. Elliot is patient, observant, and knowledgeable; and will work with you to develop an individualized program that will best suit your needs, and help you reach your goals. They are dedicated to making their services accessible to as many people as possible, and thus work on a sliding pay scale.


  • Circuit Training
  • Bodyweight Exercise
  • Works with All Levels

Jarrel Cudjoe a New York native personal trainer who’s humble beginnings & East Coast  grit birthed the LA based personal training company known as Cudjoe Fitness. As a little boy, Cudjoe was motivated by physically fit family members & at the young age of 10 he touched the weights for the very first time. This would eventually spark for Jarrel to begin his path to a physically fit & healthy lifestyle.

Cudjoe was into exercising, but the knowledge for nutritional health came a few years later after realizing being fit & eating anything didn’t really mix well. These life lessons, along with years of growth & training has allowed Cudjoe to help a broad variety of people including men, women, young athletes, & senior citizens in the Greater Los Angeles.



  • Explore fitness in a way that brings you joy and keeps you motivated

  • Increase overall health and feel good in your body

  • Work towards your goals with respect and reverence for your body

  • Practiced in the special needs of pre and post-natal clients

Robin has been a lover of fitness ever since the day she found her mom's Jane Fonda workout video and got down and crazy with the leg warmers and butt-ups. She has been a fitness professional for over 12 years and believes getting fit and healthy should be fun and feel good. She is ISSA certified with a background in gymnastics, dance, skiing, and a BA in PreMed.  Her approach to training is centered around finding activities clients love and bringing them to a place with their bodies where they are empowered and are enjoying the process! Sliding scale rates are available.



  • Can work with small groups & all genders
  • Bodyweight Training
  • Specialize in injury Recovery for ACL, Piriformis Syndrome & Cuff Tears

Johnny Love (Healthgoth) spent all of his adult life playing music and being surrounded by outcasts. When he realized he was about to turn 30 and felt tired all the time he decided to start working out at a gym, not exactly a place you'd expect to see someone who spent their life on the fringes of subcultures, where people prefer to dance until dawn instead of lifting weights. Johnny came up with the tongue in cheek moniker, Healthgoth, as he documented sticking out like a sore thumb every time he went to the gym. Healthgoth quickly turned into a worldwide phenomenon, culminating in a Redbull documentary. Johnny transformed Healthgoth from a meme to a worldwide fitness movement, dedicated to helping everybody who feels awkward at the gym realize that you don't have to be a typical meathead to enjoy exercise.