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Sexual/Reproductive Holistic Anatomy & Physiology Workshop

  • EVERYBODY 1845 North San Fernando Road Los Angeles, CA, 90065 United States (map)

Sexual/Reproductive Holistic Anatomy & Physiology Workshop with Maya Jensen.


Sunday August 6 / 11am-3pm & Sunday August 13 / 11am-3pm

Topics covered August 6:

Gain a deeper awareness and connection to your own and/or someone else's body.

*Anatomy & Physiology of menstrual cycles & assigned female at birth (AFAB) anatomy, although there is no one kind of AFAB anatomy & many different preferred names for these body parts. Material will be discussed gender neutrally. All genders & bodies are welcome, including those across the trans spectrum, cis women, and those who want to learn in solidarity with those they care about. 
(Those on hormonal birth control are also welcome if they want to learn more about menstrual/fertility cycles for future reference.)

Sliding Scale $10 - $20
BYO Lunch
We will be taking a break outside at 1pm to have lunch in the courtyard.

-Learn to interpret body signs in 4 cycle phases
-Chart your cycle for self-care & track personal health
-Enhance understanding of our cycles and connection to nature
-Gain self-awareness & accurately predict your moon time
-Discuss the full arousal system not shown in most anatomy books
-Explore how fertile energy can be relevant beyond making babies
-Learn more about hormonal changes based on the hypothalamus - pituitary - ovarian axis,
and how these changes may affect your body, mood, energy levels throughout your cycle

**optional light movement for a few minutes at a time mixed into meditations for moments of grounding, calming, integrating, processing, as we open, close, and throughout as needed.

Feel free to bring your own colored pencils but there will be some to share if you enjoy coloring.


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I am in the last quarter of a 2 year certification course, Grace of the Moon, to become a fertility awareness and holistic sexual/reproductive health educator. I am passionate about exploring the many ways to support holistic wellness in the mind/body/spirit, learning different paths for connecting to our bodies, healing trauma, and cultivating wellness. 
I facilitate safer spaces for nourishing community support around self-care practices and empowering us to learn about our bodies for self-awareness and self-love. 

questions/concerns? Email Maya:

Later Event: August 6