Sexual/Reproductive Holistic Anatomy & Physiology Workshop #2

  • EVERYBODY 1845 North San Fernando Road Los Angeles, CA, 90065 United States

Sexual/Reproductive Holistic Anatomy & Physiology Workshop #2 with Maya Jensen.

Sunday August 13 / 11am-3pm

SUGGESTED PRE-REQUISITE: Sexual/Reproductive Holistic Anatomy & Physiology Workshop #1
August 6 / 11am - 3pm

Topics covered August 13:

Tracking Cycles for Contraception:
Fertility Awareness Method
effective natural birth controlwith meditation, movement** and coloring

Sliding Scale $10 - $20
BYO Lunch
We will be taking a break outside at 1pm to have lunch in the courtyard.

-How to track and chart the body's 3 fertility signs:
cervical fluids, morning temperature, cervix changes
to know with certainty, when you are fertile, when you are ovulating, and when you can be sure that you cannot get pregnant.
-Fertility Awareness method (FAM) guidelines on how to avoid pregnancy with up to 99.4% efficacy with perfect use, (as effective as hormonal birth control.)

This method takes some practice, effort, and some time to learn the guidelines for perfect use and highest efficacy.
There will be free/donation based opportunities for follow up support online in a group or 1-on-1.
The study that proved 99.4% efficacy with the sympto-thermal method of fertility awareness, included education for the participants with a trained FAM instructor.

This space will center those with menstrual cycles, who want to avoid pregnancy.
Material will be discussed gender neutrally and all bodies and genders are welcome. If you are on hormonal or other forms of birth control and are considering making a change, you are also welcome.

**optional light movement for a few minutes at a time mixed into meditations for occasional moments of grounding, calming, integrating, processing, as we open, close, and throughout as needed.

Feel free to bring you own colored pencils but there will be some to share if you enjoy coloring.


I am in the last quarter of a 2 year certification course, Grace of the Moon, to become a fertility awareness and holistic sexual/reproductive health educator. I am passionate about exploring the many ways to support holistic wellness in the mind/body/spirit, learning different paths for connecting to our bodies, healing trauma, and cultivating wellness. 
I facilitate safer spaces for nourishing community support around self-care practices and empowering us to learn about our bodies for self-awareness and self-love. 

Questions or concerns? Send me an email: