EVERYBODY Chill Out is a new soothing music series presented by 5 Every Day at EVERYBODY, Cypress Park's radically-inclusive gym and wellness center.
This is soft music for the resistance. Come tune in, stretch out, lie down, meditate, relax, hold each other, or take a nap in EVERYBODY's healing space in a live ambient sound bath. We all need it.
Series #1 February 15th, 2017
Featuring Jesse Novak:
Jesse Novak is a composer, producer, and musician with a special interest in healing music and universal resonance. His day job has been composing for 3 seasons of the critically-acclaimed Bojack Horseman, 5 seasons of The Mindy Project, and offering up his magick instrumentation and production for M.I.A., Vampire Weekend, and YACHT.
FREE for Club 5 & EVERYBODY members!
$5 Donation to Planned Parenthood for everyone else.

RSVP: everybodychillout.splashthat.com